Decleor Aroma Expert Facial Treatmentsface3

Decleor Ultimate Vitamin Glow Facial £40.00 - 75mins
Decleor ultimate vitamin glow facial. A multi vitamin treatment with a delicious and surprising texture which comforts, nourishes and relaxes with 100% natural flax seeds, wheat germ and sunflower seeds.

Aurabsolu Glow Power Boost  £30.00 - 30mins
A power boost facial to awaken the skin and senses.
The facial is a glow power boost treatment that combines deep cleansing with a bespoke pressure-point massage using the Aurabsolu collection. The essential oil 'Jasmine Absolute' is the key ingredient to relieving tired stressed skin.

Decleor White Radiance Facial £45.00 - 75mins
Advanced vitamin C technology that helps skin to restore luminosity, lighten pigmentation and even skin tone.

Aroma Expert Facial £45.00 - 75mins
Aroma Expert treatments provide solutions to your particular skin type. Restores facial volume with innovative 'lipo-filling' technology. Wrinkles appear plumped and contours of the face appear reshaped. At the beginning of your treatment your therapist will carry out a thorough consultation with you to decide which of the four aroma expert facials will suit your skin and give best result.

Decleor Discovery Facial £30.00 - 30mins
The effective rescue remedy for perfectly radiant skin. Discover what makes Decléor facials world famous with this divine 'taster'. When you're short of time but want to bring back an irresistibly healthy complexion, this is the perfect rescue remedy. For rapid results, your expert therapist uses a combination of massage, Essential Oils and a gentle polish to smooth and revitalise tired skin leaving it fresh and radiant instead.

Vital Eyes £38.50 - 45mins
Delicately nurturing the most sensitive and delicate part of the face, this specialised treatment is fatigue fighting, moisture quenching and wrinkle erasing. Decleor's unique toning eye technique stimulates micro-circulation and encourages cell renewal while an intensively repairing, anti-ageing eye mask also decongests and de-puffs. Leaves even contact lens wearers, hay fever sufferers and smokers with a dramatically brighter, younger looking eye zone.

Advanced Aging Facial Treatments
Ultimately effective anti-ageing facial leaving the skin plumper and firmer.
Hyaluronic Acid wrinkle resist £45.00 - 90minshyru2
Collagen plump lift £50.00 - 90mins
Advanced Sculpt lift £55.00 - 90mins



Opatra Advanced Skincare Technologies
Dermasonic £40.00 - 45mins
Combines LED light therapy and ultrasonic sound waves with the application of facial creams enabling the solution to penetrate at a deeper cellular level, resulting in a radiant healthy and hydrated skin complexion. This unique and powerful technology helps promote cell renewal and repair, and helps address key skincare concerns. Blood circulation, dead skin cells, cell metabolism, skin toxins, tightening and toning of neck, body and facial skin, fine lines and wrinkles, dark under eye circles and puffiness scars, freckles, age spots and redness. Dermasonic facials will use the correct products for your skin's needs.
Dermasonic Added to Any Facial £15.00


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